Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally I Picked Up My Brush

Hi Everyone,
I've been playing "hookie" from my online painting class..BUT no longer! I took my ATG test and passed with 100%...YEAH ! ! ! ! (my little happy dance )
I completed Module A - lesson 1 - studying all pertinent supplies and completed test on same...
And yesterday I tackled Lesson 2A of Mod A. I finally picked up my brush and made my color wheel. We did this by studying how to mix a "value 5" background (grey) and studying how to mix our pigments so that we have a color palette that blends together.
We learned that there is no true red, blue, or yellow and that we also need to learn where each of the pigments lie on the pigment wheel ( a chemistry thing ) In doing so we can learn to pick the appropriate red pigment to mix with another pigment to come up with colors of our own choosing.
It depends on where the pigment lies on the pigment wheel as to what intensity that color will have...same for yellow and blue. This is an exciting boggles the mind... after all these years, painting in all mediums...of just how much to truly to not know. This "Traditions" education study for me is an exciting adventure.

Thank you David Jansen and all the Heritage Artists who designed this wonderful journey!

Friday, March 14, 2008

This Daughter's Mother

Hi Everyone!
It's been awhile since last I wrote.... Hope everyone is doing well...We finally got over the lasted about two weeks...or at least the "drained" feeling lasted two weeks, the fever only a week.
Today I will share with you a picture I made of my mother a few years ago. It's all done in pencil and made by working in layer upon layer of graphite. It's call photo "realism". This picture is of my mother when she was about 18 months old. Today, she is 84. I really love this portrait of her. You can see a picture of her today on a previous blog called "65th Anniversary"


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