Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Brother Jim

Hello Everyone
      I haven't posted in a few weeks, as my brother has been in critical care for almost a month. He was back and forth between critical care and a regular room. At one point he had been in 8-10 different of them twice. But now I'm sad and happy to write that he was born to Eternal Life this past Sunday at just before 12noon.
      He was a wonderful man, a gentle man, an intelligent man, an opinionated man and above all else a firm believer in Jesus Christ.
     He has steadily gone "down hill" since a year ago May when he had a stroke at the visitation of our father's funeral. He had a bad heart, congestive heart failure, diabetes, only one kidney that was failing, and a tumor that was believed to be cancer in his lunges (as well as several spots in some bone x-rays.) Oh, and he was on oxygen while he still struggled to breath. My 86 year old mother has been taking care of him during the day since his last stroke, taking him to and from doctor appointments and seeing that he had something to eat since he had trouble doing it himself.
     We realized he was not going to get better, and knew in time he would not be with us, but it came as a total shock this past Sunday morning. The night before, I had the pleasure of seeing him at the evening visitation... Several of his friends came and I let them go in first. I finally got to go in with about 10 minutes to spare... I got him ice to suck on, and we talked a little thru his oxygen mask. When it was time to leave, I kissed him on the forehead and told him I loved him and he told me he loved me....... my husband  (Tom )thought he would be funny and told my brother that he wouldn't kiss him, but shake his hand...And my brother suddenly turned to my husband and made the biggest kissing sound thru his mask in Tom's direction... Well that caught us both by surprise and all three of us laughed. You could see the twinkle in my brothers eyes! He still had his sense of humor even after 25 days of lying on his back, weak and in pain. He told me to tell his wife (who had left early to get some rest) That he loved her. We left in good humor, looking forward to seeing him the next day.
None of us would have ever believed that by the next day before noon that he would be gone from us.
    Today we buried my brother, but even though I grieve, I am joyous of the many godly friends he had who all came to show their respects. He would so have enjoyed to see how much he was loved and to shake their hands once more or prayer for them. But--- I know he is healed now and is in Jesus' arms. I also know I will see him again.
    Thank you all ( and you know who you are ) who prayed for him, me and our families. I will never be able to express my sincere gratitude for all your well wishes and praying to our Lord on our behalf.
God Bless  you all

Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden Harvest - Onion

Hi Again,

I sure hope your eyes don't water looking at my onion :-D
I love the way this piece turned out!
You can actually see the onion's layers.

To tell you the truth, I can't remember where I got this model
who poised for my camera.
I believe a good friend of mine (Rachel) got it either from her garden
or someone else's garden that she knows.

(Does that make sense? :-D he he he)

Mr. Onion here,
became a hearty, robust flavor in my spaghetti sauce
this past month. . . . . .What a beauty! ! ! ! !
And what a spaghetti sauce!


I loved doing all three pieces in the "Garden Harvest Trio"
You can find them located in:

16 Main Art Gallery & Studios
16 Main Street
Madison, Al 35758

or write me at

Thanks for looking!

Please leave a comment

and tell me how I'm doing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Harvest - Tomato

My Tomato :-)
I have to be truthful!!!
This little baby is not from my garden.
I found this luscious "fruit"
at our farmer's market.
What a GREAT place to find mouth watering morsels
and support the local economy at the same time.
I know the lady at the stand thought I was crazy. .
picking up different ones and holding them up and
turning them this way and that.
She was staring at me with a funny expression! LOL
I finally told her why I was examining them so thoroughly
and she rushed right over to help me find
this PERFECT "model"
Don't you just want to pick it up
and take a nice, juicy, BIG BITE!?!?!?!
Well.... I did! Yep!!! I ate it!!!
It was part of the most wonderful BLT sandwich
I've eaten in a long time. . . :-) Yummy!
This canvas is 8" x 8" and
is for sale at:
16 MAIN Art Gallery and Art Studios
16 Main Street
Madison, Alabama 35758
or contact me at:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Harvest - Green Pepper

Hi Everyone!

I would like to share the first of my
"Garden Harvest" paintings.

It is my 'Green Pepper'.
This pepper is from my home garden and I decided
it needed to have a life of it's own long after it was enjoyed
in several tasty dishes!


I hope you enjoy it as well!

Garden Harvest Green Pepper is for sale at

16 Main Art Gallery and Studios
16 Main Street
Madison, Al 35758


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