Thursday, October 9, 2008

More on PWFW

First off, I'll try to name everyone in order from left to right: Sowmya, BJ, MaryAnne, Donna, Robin, Cindi, Cindy, Haley, Dianne, Sheri, Kaleigh, and Jan.

I hope you like the previous pictures of our classes from our Fall PWFW a couple of weeks ago.As promised here are some more pictures ..these are from Sunday's classes.

Our first class of the day started with Donna teaching us to use Plaid's Folk Art HD (High Definition) paint...that Donna Dewberry and Prisilla Hauser first brought to our attention last year. This was a fun project..this paint is sort of rubbery..but it is FolkArt's version of using acrylics like oils.

Sheri next taught us to paint with acrylic on a ceramic plate with this wonderful little rooster pattern...Cindi, Jan and I used our Traditions Acrylic...we were stepping out of the box....LOL (I know he looks a little is like he has a pom=pom stuck on his "hiney-hoo" as my friend Beth would say... :-)

Sheri then taught us one of her "pet" projects called "Peek-A-Boo Kitty". This type of painting is harder than it looks...When painting fur, you have to be oh so careful to keep your strokes thin and fluid. Sheri has a real gift when painting their kitty here looks a little menacing ..meow!

Our last class for the weekend was sort of exciting to me, in that I had never worked with this kind of paint before. It's called Genesis! It is an polymer based type of paint that doesn't dry until you "heat-set" it with a heat gun...the same type used in embossing for those of you familiar with doing that. The paint is kind of "pastie" and once you work it a little with your palette becomes the consistency of room temperature butter... vary pliable. You don't have to wait months for it to dry like oil and it doesn't dry too fast like most regular acrylics. I really enjoyed this class.
Well thanks to Sheri for putting this weekend on and a big thanks to all the teachers for making it a memorable experience. I can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Class Pics from PWFW

Hi again! ! ! !
Here are the pictures from my PWFW weekend. I didn't finish the watercolor yet, but I had a lot of fun with the rose and the iris'.
Donna taught the Watercolor class on Saturday...It took longer than planned, but everyone had a GREAT time doing it.

Cindi taught us the Traditions Global method with the Lilac plaque. It is where you add extender to the Traditions acrylic paint and "cook" them until the water evaporates..then they are used as if they were oil paints.

Next Robin showed us how to decorate clear CD disks and make ornaments or wind chimes out of them...It was a fun "no-brainer" that allowed us to relax after a long day of painting...
I then confused everybodies minds with a lesson on "Right-brain vs. Left-brain" challanges...
After much laughter and tears of glee, we settled down to secretly make Sheri's birthday present and wrap a gift of products she had wanted from the Tradition's line. It was getting rather hilarious since Sherri was flitting all around us and had no idea what we were actually doing.....
I guess you had to be there :o)
Well, next year maybe you can! ! ! ! !>

Tomorrow..I'll share more pictures from our Sunday classes!
Until then.......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello Everyone
Sorry I haven't written lately, but I've been a little under the weather...
I guess you are wondering what PWFW is ???? stands for Painting With Friends Weekend. Here are some pictures of that weekend. It was FANTASTIC! ! ! ! !

I went the weekend of Sept 26 - 28.
One of the highpoints of this weekend was to meet my online teacher of my Traditions Art Education Studies..Yes..that's right! I met Cindi Estes! and one of my fellow classmates - Jan.
It was a weekend of meeting some wonderful ladies - who I've only conversed with on the computer. Here are both Cindi and Donna instructing us during class sessions.
We laughed and cried and painted, painted, painted! ! ! !
I'll share some of those pictures later this week... for now I'll share some of the group.

We also shared a birthday with the founder of this group - Sheri! She is a real "hoot"...She kept us laughing as well as making us all feel so welcomed!
I hope you enjoy the photos!


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