Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lesson A - 3

Just a quick note so you can see that I have started my lesson. I've mixed my colors and painted in the base color... plan on finishing this week. Keep you fingers crossed for me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrap Retreat

Hi Everyone! ! ! !
I've been remis is writing to you this month! I do apoligize! ! ! !
It has been a rather hectic month with my Dad in the hospital and my brother going to ER... but they are home and well now. I've also been skipping around the doc's some this month and twice to a "sleep study"....very interesting to do that...
I really recommend it if you are having trouble sleeping or still very fatiqued when you wake up each morning.
Anyway..... I must share with you my last weekend. I got to go away for the weekend on a scrapbooking retreat. Twelve of us went to a little Bread and Breakfast in Arab, Al.... it's call Ruth's Mountain Inn. It's a really lovely little place. There, they have a great big room filled with a big screen TV and DVD of course we all brought "chic flicks" and laughed and cried all weekend long as we scrapped. Beverly, one of the owners, is an excellant cook! ! ! ! We were served five luscious meals from Friday night to Sunday morning! Every meal was delicious and filling and mouth watering desserts~~~heavenlyThrough out the B&B are antiques of all kinds and the walls are decorated by many paintings that Beverly (cook) painted herself...some rather hugh that go up the several level stairway. Also each room is named after a different flower,plant,or bird, and decorated to match. Ex. The "Fern" room, "Daffodil" room, the "Peacock" room and the "Rose" room. Here is a pic of our bed in the "Rose" room.

Around the B&B is a small lake with a deck across the back and a new deck that goes out over the water. A very pretty setting and a nice place to walk around. Also around the lake are ducks and geese One rather forward goose chased me when I came too close to his mate...she was sitting on their six eggs...I guess I was too close for comfort.!.

Somewhere is all the beauty, food and fowl...we somehow cropped our hearts out. WE had door prizes, contests, shared out supplies and laughed. A great weekend! Sorry, if you missed it! I hope you enjoy my photos.......


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