Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Joy of Painting

Hi Everyone!!!
Long time no see..... I've had a few setbacks these last few months, but now I want to jump back in to my passion - painting and learning all I can from these wonderful ladies. These ladies are the owners of the AAO - Art Apprentice Online Site and Education program. Each one is a fabulous artist in their own right, but they have come together to teach and bring art education back to anyone who cares to learn. They have sacrificed their time and money (and I'm sure some of their family life) to help bring art and art education back to the forefront. Their names are Sue Pruett, Susan Abdella,Donna Richards,Gaby Hunter,and Neadeen Masters.
Art education is one of the first things to be "cut" from the cirriculum of most schools today. Many today, never see or know about the wealth of culture and history told in a painting at the many wonderful museums around the world. I myself, did not know until studing with the AAO that there is so much information just in one painting alone. That many painting have special or secret meaning if only you care to study it a little more closely. Certain flowers, colors, or insects and how they are placed in a painting may just tell a wonderful or tragic story.
I've been painting all of my life but knew deep down that there was something missing... something that I was never taught or never "clicked" in my limited art education. Today,though, I"m learning everything I never knew I didn't know! LOL ... I know that sounds strange, but that is the only way I know how to describe it. These ladies have brought so much more to my life... If you care or like ART in any will really enjoy this site and I will add the link below. There is so much information it will take you days to try and sift through it, so get yourself a cup of coffee, a glass of ice tea, or in my "neck of the woods" a "coke" (our name for any soda :o) ... and sit yourself down for a fantastic journey.
They have recently added several more teachers, also fantastic artists in their own right..they are Sharon Hamilton, Connie Clark, Linda Wise, and Marjon Haeren. A total of nine teachers so far...

Much of the information they give to us freely...but on their online classes' site..there are nominal fees for a more structured class.... You take these classes when you want anytime of the day or night... dressed to the hilt or in your pj' one will know, because it's all online. You'll get lessons you can print and streaming video you can download as they teach you in your own home.. You can start and stop the video, and play back anything you think you've missed.. They are only an email away and they'll answer personally back to you and even critique your work if you so desire. Don't miss out on an art education of a lifetime. Go to sure to let me know what you think!
I Know that I will!!!!!


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