Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Beginning!

Hello Everyone!!!
It's been a long time since my last post....but things have been happening. My new art studio at home is up and running. The sunroom is wonderful ( I was spending many hours talking to my feathered friends and catching up on some reading)Now, I have NEW news! ! ! ! !

Our fair city of Madison ,Al is opening an art gallery. It is calle "16 Main" - the actual address. It's an art gallery and community of working artists. I have been chosen to be the "resident Acrylic artist". I am so very excited! ! ! Now I have two one at home and this new one at the gallery

So far we have 8 artist's in all, each of us specializing in a different media. There is room for 10, so we will see :-) Each of us has a room of our own and patrons will be able to come into our rooms and watch us work. The art gallery will host an "artist of the month" and the main area of the gallery will show all the resident artist's work and offer for sale.

"16 Main" also will have a meeting room for civic organizations as well as individuals who wish to rent the room. We are planning "Dollar Movie Nights on the Lawn" through out the summer, wine tastings, art strolls, dinner theater, and various artistic events for the community. We've got big plans! So wish us luck!!!

I'll post more about the gallery with pictures soon and also hope to share a little about each artist in residence.


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