Sunday, October 31, 2010

Which Witch???

Aren't we cute???? LOL This week at the 16 Main Gallery, we were invaded with little ghosts and goblins, not to mention Buzz Light Year, Jasmine, and Cinderella. A church daycare down the street from our historic downtown area brought their kindergarten class by for trick-or-treating. They were all soooooo cute. Here is a little elephant....see he is holding his nose LOL.

As you can see, I got to be the "Bad Witch" and the kids know that. LOL... They would go to Michele dressed in the "White" witch costume first. Mike, our watercolor artist even sat out on the porch and painted our pictures. I'll have to take a picture of them and show you our portraits if she agrees.
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Watering Hole

Hello Again

I want to share a painting that I designed this summer. This is my second design in recent years. I had a lot of fun with this one. I want this to be the first in a series.

I originally drew the elephant to show my brother, Jim. He was a BIG "University of Alabama" fan. I'm sorry to say , that he passed away before he got to see it.... but I continued with this project to help me through the grieving process. Needless to say... I'm very proud of this piece.

Some good news about it is......Ta Dah!!!! It sold this past week at an Art function at Huntsville's Museum of Art. I took it at the last minute...
Several of us from the gallery attended... we had many people looking, but no one really interested in actually purchasing...or so we thought...

A gentleman came by early on and admired my piece commenting on all the detail that had gone into it. He ask me many questions, then continued on to look at other art pieces. Just before closing, he came back and ask me if my price was firm...before I could answer he offered me more than what I priced it for. It was very exciting. He told me he was very honored to own it and that he already knew just where he was placing it in his dining room.

Thank you Bob B. ! ! ! ! I too am honored for you to own it. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Every second Sunday of the month, the Knights of Columbus at our church has a Bunco night. My husband is a member and for some reason he was made in charge of organizing it each month... which includes my help. of course. :-)

We have a great time! We've been playing for almost 10 years. It originally was run by the ladies auxiliary. When we had to fold the men took it over through their Assembly, and proceeds go toward their patriotic projects. They have installed many flag polls and flags throughout the community.

On this night, I got my 86 year young mother to attend. She the one in the pick blouse. She loves games as do I, so we had a blast together.
One of the things I also enjoy of getting together with both men and women to play bunco, is the competative spirit the guys bring to the game. They are so funny to watch. They really get into the game. They will throw the dice different ways and swear that it's all in the skill. LOL!

My husband surprises me the most when we play. I've seen him on several occasions, jump up and do that dance you've all seen people do, where they hold their arms out in front of them, with elbows bent and move their arms in a horizontal circle. It's hilarious!!!!!!
Girls!!! grab your guys next time you go to play bunco and get them to play. You'll laugh so much your sides will ache. And you know that laughter is the best medicine!!!! ( next to painting of course :-)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dallas Painting Seminar

Neadeen and Me holding my paintings from the seminar
Hi All!
For all of you who missed me last weekend ( LOL ) I was in Dallas. One of the owners of the online art school " Art Apprentice Online " and also "The Traditions Online Art School" was in Dallas to conduct her very popular class titled "Creating the Independent Artist". Her name is Neadeen Masters!
It was such a GREAT experience ! ! ! ! She brought photos she had taken from her recent trip to Hawaii.... they were cropped in interesting ways. We each picked two to paint from and set us loose.... but not for long. The photos were a little intimidating at first...but as she explained "line", "value" and "shape"...we were better able to understand what we were looking for in preparing for our own painting. She also taught some concepts from art theory... one being - that the lightest dark, can NEVER be lighter than the darkest light. What a "light bulb moment"!!!!!
Neadeen - teaching - explaining concepts of observation in developing line, shape and value

The most important thing I learned was that I need to re-take her observation online class on the AAO website. There is so much that the brain takes for granted about what the eye sees. We all need to STOP and really pay attention to detail... There are things that occur naturally in nature that we see but do not really notice and when you want to capture that on canvas (wood, metal, etc...).. we can see something is not quite right,, but fail to know why. If you train yourself to really SEE what is in front of you and study your values. you may(maybe) have as much knowledge as Neadeen has in her little fingernail. LOL
Thanks again Neadeen!
Barbara - sweetest and best hostess in Dallas

Also a BIG BIG THANKS to Barbara for putting it all together! And WOW = she makes some wonderful soups and salads. We ate like royalty.And what a sweetheart she is.
I'm going to share some photos and also a little video of our salute to Neadeen.






Ellen and Neadeen

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Beginning for 16 Main Gallery

Hello Everyone.
I know it's been awhile again.... but as usual life gets in the way...
I'd like to share with you some pictures of 16 Main Gallery - A community of Artists.
Recently, there have been some changes to the Gallery. I've become the co-director with another artist (Michele Lee)... It all happened rather suddenly, but we rose to the task.
We purchased an open sign. You won't believe how many people came in after being open since June...that had never noticed until the "open" sign was put up.

We also hung a new sign that says "Gallery and Artists". We were told that many just thought 16 Main was the address... well... it is the address as well as the name....but potential customers didn't realize that. One of our potters (Greg)made the sign, Michelle - Put on the letters and I drew and painted the pics.
I'll share more pictures soon!
Come back and see me!!!


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