Friday, October 8, 2010

New Beginning for 16 Main Gallery

Hello Everyone.
I know it's been awhile again.... but as usual life gets in the way...
I'd like to share with you some pictures of 16 Main Gallery - A community of Artists.
Recently, there have been some changes to the Gallery. I've become the co-director with another artist (Michele Lee)... It all happened rather suddenly, but we rose to the task.
We purchased an open sign. You won't believe how many people came in after being open since June...that had never noticed until the "open" sign was put up.

We also hung a new sign that says "Gallery and Artists". We were told that many just thought 16 Main was the address... well... it is the address as well as the name....but potential customers didn't realize that. One of our potters (Greg)made the sign, Michelle - Put on the letters and I drew and painted the pics.
I'll share more pictures soon!
Come back and see me!!!

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