Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Every second Sunday of the month, the Knights of Columbus at our church has a Bunco night. My husband is a member and for some reason he was made in charge of organizing it each month... which includes my help. of course. :-)

We have a great time! We've been playing for almost 10 years. It originally was run by the ladies auxiliary. When we had to fold the men took it over through their Assembly, and proceeds go toward their patriotic projects. They have installed many flag polls and flags throughout the community.

On this night, I got my 86 year young mother to attend. She the one in the pick blouse. She loves games as do I, so we had a blast together.
One of the things I also enjoy of getting together with both men and women to play bunco, is the competative spirit the guys bring to the game. They are so funny to watch. They really get into the game. They will throw the dice different ways and swear that it's all in the skill. LOL!

My husband surprises me the most when we play. I've seen him on several occasions, jump up and do that dance you've all seen people do, where they hold their arms out in front of them, with elbows bent and move their arms in a horizontal circle. It's hilarious!!!!!!
Girls!!! grab your guys next time you go to play bunco and get them to play. You'll laugh so much your sides will ache. And you know that laughter is the best medicine!!!! ( next to painting of course :-)

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