Sunday, December 30, 2007

Something Old

Hi all! I just got back from visiting with my parents today. We had a GREAT time. While there, mother and I were going thru some things and found this painting of a rose. I did this back in 1987. Twenty years ago! I can hardly believe that. I thought I was only 21 :-)
I think it is time to try painting this style of painting roses with oil paints again. Not too bad for a one year old ;-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Aftermath

Whew! ! ! ! ! what a day yesterday. We had a GREAT Christmas! Like I said earlier..we spent way too much...but everyone is happy. My husband, son and I had the Eve with his side of family and then opened our presents late Christmas Eve. then we got up Christmas morning and went to my brother's for brunch and presents with my side of the family. After that we went to the hospital to see my other brother who has been there for about 10 days now. He is doing much better and thanks to all for your prayers. We slept the rest of it away and today just "chilled-out".
Not much creativity right now, but here is another watercolor picture I did about 4 weeks ago again with Cynthia Massey Parsons.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

Just a quick note, while waiting to go over to the in-laws.... We spent too much as usual, but it should be a nice Christmas this year. Our refridgerator quit working Thursday and we were afraid we would be buying a new one, but luckily someone came out this morning and was able to fix it. YEAH! Here too is a new addition to our family... His name is YoYo and is a green-cheeked Conure. He is a sweetie! Bye for now

Christmas Eve

Well, it is very early morning on Christmas Eve and all is quiet. This is my very first time to post on my own blog. As a young girl I was never any good at writing in a diary, but I want to give this a try. I hope you can bare with me. I'm hoping to make this more of an art gallery blog. Painting has always been my true passion. I want to begin painting and writing about what my painting is about and what I was feeling when I created it. I also want to share with you another type of art called "decorative painting". I am a certified "One Stroke" painting instructor and teach at my local Michael's' Arts and Craft store. These first pictures show a few of my OS glass painting that I've either sold, given to charity or as gifts. ( I'll also take orders...hint.hint....) Please feel free to critique or ask questions about the painting. Please be kind in your critiques...vulnerable ego here :-) ....
Here also is a watercolor painting that I did at a class I took from Cynthia Parsons three or four weeks ago. I just fell in love with this rendition of caladiums. They remind me of my wedding. I hope you enjoy it. You can visit Cynthia's site by clicking on the link at the right under my Favorite Places...... She is a well known artist with many notable accomplishments....
Tomorrow (this evening) will be a busy day of cooking for our Christmas Eve gathering with my husband's family so I'll turn in now. Thanks for reading...


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