Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dallas Painting Seminar

Neadeen and Me holding my paintings from the seminar
Hi All!
For all of you who missed me last weekend ( LOL ) I was in Dallas. One of the owners of the online art school " Art Apprentice Online " and also "The Traditions Online Art School" was in Dallas to conduct her very popular class titled "Creating the Independent Artist". Her name is Neadeen Masters!
It was such a GREAT experience ! ! ! ! She brought photos she had taken from her recent trip to Hawaii.... they were cropped in interesting ways. We each picked two to paint from and set us loose.... but not for long. The photos were a little intimidating at first...but as she explained "line", "value" and "shape"...we were better able to understand what we were looking for in preparing for our own painting. She also taught some concepts from art theory... one being - that the lightest dark, can NEVER be lighter than the darkest light. What a "light bulb moment"!!!!!
Neadeen - teaching - explaining concepts of observation in developing line, shape and value

The most important thing I learned was that I need to re-take her observation online class on the AAO website. There is so much that the brain takes for granted about what the eye sees. We all need to STOP and really pay attention to detail... There are things that occur naturally in nature that we see but do not really notice and when you want to capture that on canvas (wood, metal, etc...).. we can see something is not quite right,, but fail to know why. If you train yourself to really SEE what is in front of you and study your values. you may(maybe) have as much knowledge as Neadeen has in her little fingernail. LOL
Thanks again Neadeen!
Barbara - sweetest and best hostess in Dallas

Also a BIG BIG THANKS to Barbara for putting it all together! And WOW = she makes some wonderful soups and salads. We ate like royalty.And what a sweetheart she is.
I'm going to share some photos and also a little video of our salute to Neadeen.






Ellen and Neadeen


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Diane,
How lucky are you to attend such a great painting seminar.
Looks like everyone acheived such master pieces and had fun!
Happy painting,

Anonymous said...

Dianne, your blog is very well done and I enjoyed reading it and watching Neadeen's Rap! I also was very touched by the tribute to your beloved brother.


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