Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello Everyone
Sorry I haven't written lately, but I've been a little under the weather...
I guess you are wondering what PWFW is ???? Well..it stands for Painting With Friends Weekend. Here are some pictures of that weekend. It was FANTASTIC! ! ! ! !

I went the weekend of Sept 26 - 28.
One of the highpoints of this weekend was to meet my online teacher of my Traditions Art Education Studies..Yes..that's right! I met Cindi Estes! and one of my fellow classmates - Jan.
It was a weekend of meeting some wonderful ladies - who I've only conversed with on the computer. Here are both Cindi and Donna instructing us during class sessions.
We laughed and cried and painted, painted, painted! ! ! !
I'll share some of those pictures later this week... for now I'll share some of the group.

We also shared a birthday with the founder of this group - Sheri! She is a real "hoot"...She kept us laughing as well as making us all feel so welcomed!
I hope you enjoy the photos!


Beth Thomas said...

What fun!!! I love that bottom photo of you- it is a keeper!

Cindi E said...

We had a BLAST! This is a wonderful way to meet and spend real face time with your internet friends. We grow so close without ever even seeing each other and then when you get to come together and spend a weekend...those internet friendships become lifelong heart filled relationships.

sowmya said...

You have a beautiful blog. I enjoyed looking through all your pictures.It was nice to all the pictures of PWFW
again.We did have a great time didnt we!.


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