Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking Forward to PWFW...

As you can see, I haven't published a post in a while.... Life has just gotten in the way lately. BUT... that should change over the coming weeks.

I'm getting excited!!!!! Next week, I'm going for a PAINTING WEEKEND WITH FRIENDS aka PWFW! A group of us "ladies" are meeting for a weekend of friendship and painting! Yes, you heard me! PAINTING! ! ! ! !
Many of these ladies, I've never met...well...actually all of these ladies I've never met except for online...

I'm less than an hour away, but many are flying in or driving in from several states over...but we are all meeting to paint together. Many will be teaching little lessons and demos..

I will be teaching...right brain vs. left brain...and also where your features are in comparison to each other when doing a portrait. I just can't wait.. It will be a BLAST ! ! ! ! ! I just know.
For now I'll share some photos from my color theory class. It's the color wheel in everyday pictures...Red, Red-Orang, Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet, and Red-Violet... I hope you enjoy!


hemant said...

Yes, I enjoyed your blog as it has many different colorful flowers and also I like your paintings and the thinking about the paintings.


Anonymous said...

hey girl! It's been a while. Have a great time!!!!!

<3 Becky

smiln60 said...

That eggplant looks familar, was it one of the ones I grew???
You've posted a lot of pics since I've been here.


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