Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yes!.. that's the name of this type of traditional folk art. It originated in the Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss Alps. Bauernmalerei means "farmer painting" because traveling artists would sell their wares to the farmers along the countryside.
The painting would be about things in their lives such as flowers, farming, hunting and religion. These paintings would be depicted on furniture of all kinds including, headboards, tables, doors, dishes in order to decorate their home. The styles would vary from region to region, but all in all decorated their lives.
This is my first painted piece of Module B from the Traditions Education study. And a big "YEAH ME !" for finally catching up since March. Let's hope I do not get behind again.
I hope you enjoy the painting. I was never interested in stroke work before now. It sort of "growing" on me. Not to mention that the paint is all over me. LOL I get into my work! :o)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Dianne! :]
It's so cute! I love birds!

<3 Becky

Dianne said...

Thanks Bekah! they were fun to paint!

Beth said...

It's even more beautiful IRL!


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