Saturday, August 2, 2008

Can You Say "Cartouche" ?

LOL...That is what this painting is... a cartouche (car - 2 - sshhh) A cartouche is a painting that is framed by another design....... "contain the viewer's eye".
Artists in the Renaissance era made the cartouche (the frame) small in elements and light in color to draw your eye into the scene of the painting. Later during the Rococo period, the cartouche became more ornate and heavy. The cartouche itself became the viewers focal point.
For me, this was my lesson 10 of my education study of Module A... The study of HUE in color. I have GRADUATED ! ! ! ! Yeah! Me! ! ! !
I now begin the 10 lessons of Module B of the Traditions Education Program. I am very excited to begin this particular study. It still focuses on Color, but this time it's relationship of VALUE. Please click on the Jansen Traditions emblem at the right if you are interested in more information about Traditions' paints and the education program. TA TA for now!


Beth said...

Congrats on the graduation! I had no doubts you would totally rock with this technique! You are so talented! I love this little scene and the fruit frame! So sweet!

cackleblossums said...

Cool, I learned what a 'Catouche' is.

I didn't know that!! thanks


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