Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Harvest - Tomato

My Tomato :-)
I have to be truthful!!!
This little baby is not from my garden.
I found this luscious "fruit"
at our farmer's market.
What a GREAT place to find mouth watering morsels
and support the local economy at the same time.
I know the lady at the stand thought I was crazy. .
picking up different ones and holding them up and
turning them this way and that.
She was staring at me with a funny expression! LOL
I finally told her why I was examining them so thoroughly
and she rushed right over to help me find
this PERFECT "model"
Don't you just want to pick it up
and take a nice, juicy, BIG BITE!?!?!?!
Well.... I did! Yep!!! I ate it!!!
It was part of the most wonderful BLT sandwich
I've eaten in a long time. . . :-) Yummy!
This canvas is 8" x 8" and
is for sale at:
16 MAIN Art Gallery and Art Studios
16 Main Street
Madison, Alabama 35758
or contact me at:

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