Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peoria and SDP

Hi Everyone!
I got back from Peoria, Il last week, but it took me a week of sleeping to get over all the excitement.. LOL... It was fabulous! I got to meet all the Art Apprentice Online ladies!!! They annouced their new program and I believe it will be fantastic! I'll tell more about it in another post soon.

One of the reasons I went to Peoria was that I submitted my "special board" to try for my Certified Decorative Artist Certification (CDA)... To the everyday guy or gal, this may not mean anything to them...but to an artist, especially a decorative is an honor to have these three letters after their name. It is sort of like a "feather" in your cap.

FYI - I used DecoArt Traditions Paint of course!!!

Here was my submission.. It did not pass, but I did get an actual score...which isn't bad for a first timer. I'll try to insert the certification critique.... but no promises... I'm not real computer savvy...
I hope you are enjoying my blog and please, please feel free to leave comments...just click on the "comment" line below.


Kim Bennett said...

I think you did an excellent job on your "special board". It would be interesting if you did post the judges critique if you could. But there is no pressure. LOL

chicroses said...

Your painting is gorgeous...and you did a good job...your braver than I. Great you got to meet all the Traditions artists...Keep will make it. I still havent done anything with classes with tradition paint. Weve just made a major move and I babysit my granddaughter..No time. Hugs Sally


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