Friday, February 25, 2011

First Painting for 2011

I am so excited today!!! Last night I finally broke through my "artist block". I had not painted in about three months.

I have been laid up for about six weeks with a knee injury, so I've used that time perusing the internet and looking at other artist's sites. Well, I came across an artist named Leslie Saete, and I was blown away. Her paintings made me "happy". I know that that is a simple word, but it's a very strong , all encompassing word.HAPPY... HAPPY... HAPPY! :-) Her work made me smile.

She is a contemporary impressionist palette knife painter. I had not picked up a palette knife to paint with in over 35 years. The more I looked at her paintings the more I wanted to go fine my knives.
So................ TA DA ! Here is my first palette knife painting since I was in high school. I'm very excited about it. I've had several compliments on it today. I've already taken it to the gallery and it is for sale there at 16 Main Gallery.

Stay tuned for more palette knife painting!!! Whooo Hoooo!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

LOVE your new 2011 painting. I pop into your blogsite occasionally and am glad to see your back. LOL Actually I luv the music on your site too. I know what you mean about painters block. I seem to be blog surfing more than painting. Keep up the palette knife painting, you seem to be a natural at it.


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