Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Shot Didn't Work

FLU! Yes, that's right! I had my annual flu shot...everything is great. I've been well all winter long and here we are a month away from Spring and my husband brings the flu germ home. And him being such a sharing kind of guy... I got it! :o(
So far our son has been living upstairs away from us and he has not gotten it. YEAH! Right now I just don't think I could be to motherly if he was sick too. I sure hope none of you get this... Luckly it isn't the kind where you get up close and personal with the bathroom throne..... you just feel horrible... cough... cough... achey.. headaches.... sleepless nights... can't hold your head up... also noticed that food dosen't taste very good... :o) Other than that, I'm wonderful!
Well you take care! take you vitamins and drink your orange juice!

And here is my little friend... he is my own design that I made for my garden stone pathway. Isn't he a cutie!

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