Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine Secret Pal

Hi Everyone!
I want to share with you two new painting projects I recently finished. They were for my "Secret Pal" in a painting forum I'm a member of.
One is a canvas frame and I used a design by Shara Reiner that was published in the Society of Decorative Painters magazine last March...It had a name like "Funky Flower Pot" or something like that. My secrest pal loves thimbles, so I added one to mine along with a needle and thread.
The other is a heart shaped dish painted with panseies and roses to put her Valentine Candy in.


Beth said...

I want to be your secret pal!!!! These are awesome, Dianne! But no suprise there- you are mucho talented!

smiln60 said...

Can I be your secret pal too???? You already know all my favorites, hint, hint.
VERY impressive on both projects, but of course I'm in AWE of all your artistic ability. You go girl!!!
Now, when is that class for all your "bestest" friends to do some stepping stones?????

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...
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Susan Wymola said...

Hey Diane, I tried to contact you by email, and your email rejected mine..
I added your blog to my blogsite..
If you would like to add mine, Please do so. email me :

Love your site!!

Susan Wymola


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