Friday, May 23, 2008

Module A - Lesson 3 with TRADITIONS

Hi Everyone!
Yeah! It's the start of Memorial Day Weekend. My husband has a long 4 day weekend and our big plans are to work around the house. Yeah!...not! I hope you are doing more. LOL
I do want to let my friends know that I did another lesson of my Tradition Modules..finally! Two months ago, I actually painted part of it...but then I let my passion for painting slip away with other mundane things.... like sleeping, reading, housework, sleeping... I found out I had a sleep disorder and after getting it checked out and now using a C-PAP machine to keep me breathing properly at nightI now wake up early feeling GREAT!
With this wonderful feeling each day, I now have time to get up each morning ready to face each day with a smile! I actually get some housework done, walk the dog (another words..get exercise for me :o) )...and go into my art studio with my passion back to pick up my brushes and be creative!
And here it's finally finished

I really hope you like it...Stay tuned for Lesson 4!

1 comment:

Beth said...

These are beautiful! Your painting is wonderful! What are "they"- the items with the fabulous painting on them?


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