Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Everyone! What a beautiful day! What a lovely weekend for this extended holiday weekend. Please do not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day.... Memorial Day is a time for remembering all the brave soldiers who fought and died for our GREAT COUNTRY! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! We are a great nation with great men and women serving in our armed forces and lets not forget them and all they do.

As for our trips planned...Will is working and Tom and I are spending time with our parents and working around the house and garden...
Here is a lovely amaryllis that recently bloomed..we thought it was dead and just set the pot out in the yard and one morning there was this lovely flower! Enjoy!

..So nothing spectacular for us this weekend...but it is always a joy though to spend time with those that we love. I hope you all have a wonderful Memoral Day!


Debby Giusti said...

Hi Dianne,
Love your blog!!! How do you get the music? You must be a techno genius!!! Loved your post about the HOD Readers' Luncheon. Great photos! Glad you got your pic with all the big HOD authors! So cool! It was a joy meeting you. Thanks for sitting at my table. I'll stop back again for more info, especially about your artwork!

All the best,

Beth said...

Holy cow! I about fell out of my seat! Look at your entries! Love your photographs- I have camera envy! I told Dan I wanted a new computer chair for our anniversary (exciting-no, but you know how my back is) but I may have to think about asking for a camera! We have spent the day changing the computer room into a playroom for the girls hoping to decrease the collateral damage in the greatroom. There has been some major purging and re-organizing going on! Love ya, Beth


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