Saturday, October 24, 2009


Not much to say tonight. I'm not painting at the moment as we are in the process of enclosing our screened-in porch so I can have my own artist studio. I'm packing up my art supplies for the move from the dining room LOL
I'm very excited about this WoooHooo!!!

Anyway, here is a painting that I painted back in the early 1980's for my father. It is acrylic. I did not design it, but I enjoyed doing it and learning more about this media.
Write me what you think!


Brushed By An Angel said...

I think I have this same painting I did in the 80's but in oils. I just found your blog and it is great to find another blogger who paints. I am also a member of NSTDP (since 1985). I didn't get to go to Peoria but I hope to be in Kansas. Went to Houston, though. Love what you are painting.

Dianne said...

Hi! "Brushed by an Angel".. you didn't leave your name. I'd love to see your paintings too! I tried to go to your blog, but it says you keep it blocked to other readers. I plan on being in Kansas too! Maybe we could meet up there. Thanks for your comments

Brushed By An Angel said...

Well darn, I don't know why you couldn't get into my blog. I don't have it restricted. You might try typing it in. I see you are from Alabama, I am in the panhandle of Florida - real southern girls are we!! I would love to meet you if I get to go to Kansas. I am following you so we can keep in touch.

Brenda said...

Oops, my name is Brenda.


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