Monday, July 21, 2008

Tomptes, Nissan's or Gnomes

Here is lesson 8 of my Traditions Education classes. These little people are called Tomptes and are of Scandinavian Folklore as well as decorative painting. The Norwegians called them Nissans and in Sweden they were called Gnomes. They were a favorite subject in traditional folklore and painting and can bring good luck or bad luck.
For example, if you lose your car can blame the Tomptes for losing them... or if you were suppose to do the dishes the night before and they were done when you got up...the good tomptes finished them for you.
I'm not sure if these tomptes are good or bad, but I hope you enjoy them on this festive tray. Thanks for looking!


Beth said...

You shouldn't show me my Christmas present- it will spoil the surprise- bwahahahahaha! Love, love, love this!

Meg said...

Love the Painting!!! You are so very talented.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You are just too talented!

P.S. Kristin Chenoweth is amazing!!!!


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