Monday, January 7, 2008

Had a GOOD Monday

What a nice day. My husband went back to work..(not that that made it nicer...I'm just saying...)Anyway, I slept in a little. A friend brought me a DONUT ! ! ! ! !(It was quite tasty **smack, smack...uummm good**... Oh sorry! I got carried away..I love donuts and I'm not suppose to have them ;-).
Next , another friend came over and we got into doing altered chipboard leftover Christmas items from Hobby Lobby with cardstock. It was a lot of fun . Mine was a "HO HO HO". Now I get to pack it away for next year. I also cooked chicken down and made "Chicken Chili" and "Chicken Spaghetti" so I now have several meals already cooked for the week. It all made it a good day.
As for a picture, today I'm going to share my babies with you. Above this post is Sadie. In this post is Missy. They are our kids now that our son is in college.
Until next time........


Beth said...

A big Hi! to your 4-legged babies! Glad you enjoyed the doughnut! You should have posted a photo of your HoHoHo! Don't pack it 'til I get to see it!!!!

smiln60 said...

Sounds like you have good friends....LOL
Your doggies are very well dressed.
See you soon,


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